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Welcome to the JavaScript Utility Web Site

This site is dedicated to providing a collection of useful tools for those that want to develop JavaScript applications. Currently the following tools are available:
  • A JavaScript Tester is a useful tool for trying out small bits of code. It especially useful in analyzing complex RegExp statements where the results are not always obvious.
  • A JavaScript Validator can help eliminate a number of bugs before you begin testing. It is based on Douglas Crockford JSLint program ( but is less restrictive. For example, a single statement following an "if" statement does not have to be enclosed in brackets.
  • A JavaScript Formatter can be a very useful tool to help you analyze your code. It will insure that all statements are consistently indented.
  • A JavaScript Obfuscator can make it more difficult for other to plagiarize your code. While a hacker can crack even assembler/machine code, you may want to make his life as difficult as possible with this program. An added benefit is that it will usually reduce the size of your code and potentially improve performance.
  • A JavaScript Compactor can reduce the size of your JavaScript code and can reduce download times substantially. The compactor can identify statements missing a semicolon and handle these situations which can cause problems with other compactors.
  • A batch program that can be run from the command line to combine JavaScript files and then validate, obfuscate, compact and/or compress the input files
  • A JavaScript based compression program can reduce the size of your code by up to 75%. The compression process is slow but the decompression is very fast. In large JavaScript programs, it can save substantial time in downloads and space on servers.

If you download this web page, it's associated files, you may use the batch facilities to automate your build processes. If you are using Netscape or Firefox browser, an additional tab on the web page will be displayed that will allow you to read and write files from your local hard drive.

Feedback is welcome. We wish to make this the best JavaScript site on the web.

Copyright 2007-2011 by Patrick J. O'Neil - All rights reserved

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